Daniele Bongiovanni


Daniele Bongiovanni (Palermo, 11 April, 1986) is an international academic-style painter, historian, poet and illustrator. He obtained his degree in Art Education at the prestigious Accademia di Belle Arti di Palermo, the educational goal focused on and followed the method of the Poetics/Training of the Austrian playwright and painter Oskar Kokoschka, and the Pedagogical training entitled Through Kokoschka’s article: Analysis on the artist – laboratory pedagogy.

He currently works in Europe and the United States. He has been involved in many large art-related events for several years. He has consummate technique in drawing, painting academic, and he has participated in a lot of contemporary art exhibitions. Many of his works have been archived in publications such as ‘’L’incerto’’ (poetry and visual art) which is widely distributed in many global national libraries.
His approach to creating art is to engage the concept, method and the subject matter to create something peculiar but disciplined, such as a classic figure created in a very alternative form with in-depth philosophy.

He has become an international artist who has received several awards from around the world. His works have been exhibited in many major cities such as Venice, Paris, Las Vegas, Australia, Milan, Brescia, Chicago, Padova, Dublin, Brasil, Bologna, Naples, Liverpool, Treviso, Bari, Istanbul, Turin, Palermo, etc.). He has had much of his work collected by private collectors and public associations, and large numbers of his works have been published by art journals such as Thesis, Catalogues, and International Magazine.

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