Aurora Rosselli


I'm Woman, a Mother, a Artist and a Photographer. I'm the woman behind the beautiful creations of Eclisse Creazioni Art & Photography. Art has played a role in my life for as long as I can remember. At the age of nine, I began at the Liceo Artistico in Italy and became devoted to the world of Art. After that, I enrolled at the Accademia di Belle Arti where I continued gathering the tools necessary to express the passion you see now throughout my original artwork. I quickly gained popularity in Italy and am now determined to conquer the US. My artwork was displayed in exhibits across Italy. I was very proud to have my pieces shown in private homes, galleries, nightclubs, bars, and offices. Designers and decorators use my artwork for their showrooms, model apartments and homes. With over 16 years of experience, the images you see on your monitor are just a taste of the art that i have created. My specialties extend far beyond painting. Photography, sculpting, and scenography, are just a few of the other forms of art I have embraced. .I also enjoy creating customized orders, including rare and one of a kind pieces. As an artist who loves to capture the uniqueness of the world in photographs, I created Eclisse Creazioni Art & Photography. Throughout life I have been keenly sensitive to the visual world. For me, it comes naturally to "see" the world on a level foreign to most. Colors dancing together on pallet knives, fingers molding clay, a shade of lipstick on a mouth, light catching beads of water on skin, fresh vegetables scattered on a counter--such seemingly ordinary things often strike me as remarkable. After discovering the ability to preserve these gorgeous arrays of "everydayness" indefinitely, my passion for art came to embrace photography. I am extraordinarily passionate as a person and I find constant inspiration simply by celebrating life and remaining aware with "eyes open." The extensive, formal background I have of fine arts is incorporated into this perspective. However, it has enhanced rather than formed my artistic viewpoint. Along with capturing the fine art of every day scenery and culture in my work, I am especially drawn to people. The life and energy of a person's expression or the look and mood found in an individual is the magic of humanity suspended in time. Thus, I find the most joy in photographing a glimpse of a wondrous child, a provocative woman, or a pensive man, in a timeless array of portraiture. When I manage to preserve the vastly beautiful and complex images of faces and emotions, I feel for a moment that a breath of eternity has gone through my camera and will remain on film.

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Highland (Los Angeles)