Daniele Fedi


Daniele Fedi

, was born in Florence October 15, 1954.
After studying technical charts, carries out the activity for a few years as a graphic designer for some private television stations. Over the years the passion for art and graphics led him to develop a continuous chromatic research on color to its commercial applications.
The color is the focus of all his artistic activity. A purely self-paced study, which leads to significant awards in the professional.
 Since 28 february 2013 he decided to take up pencil, brush, spatula and sponge. Abstraction involves him in a new artistic life. The search for the right chromaticity, an intense emotion, which arises from abstract forms and indefinite where certainty tract leaves room for the imagination of the viewer. Technique in oil, acrylic, ink and watercolor mix in a daring search for new ways to go.
Some works like Genesis, Big Bang - the birth of a star ... Supernova, just to mention the stellar trilogy of the cosmos, showing an incredible dynamic color. The strength of the material, which is created and spreads in the universe. An exciting series that brings to life the true from the moment of genesis. The Big Bang is there and you can see it.
Try new ways, try to look at everything from a different side, never taken for granted and never seen before.
There is no art without emotion, this is the life motive of his research.
Watch different ..... you will see another world

In 2013   he has completed over 50 works, of which about 40 acrylic sizes up to 200x200 cm.
In 2013, encouraged by the appreciation received, decides to participate in a number of important national and international events.
There is not art ...... without emotion


Daniele Fedi - studio artistico Via del Paduletto 4c

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