matteo forli



ContiRevisiting the concept of the skeleton in painting, Matteo Forli (1981, Genova) lingers inside the visceral body, experienced as a seducing area of discovery, a material of unexhaustible creative drive.Subject matters of his paintings and gestural acts are in fact the bone structure and the body’s organs.Fascinated by body functions, during art classes at the Academy he focused his interest on the skeleton structure rather than on the life model.The artist doesn’t hesitate in thrusting his abstract talent into body interiors, inside the brownian motion of cells, so as to uncover their mistery and complexity, flexibility and stiffness, fluidity and suspension, spontaneous and conditioned reactivity.Forli’s artistic universe includes the possibility of human body hybridization with other species, drawing inspiration from the canadian director David Cronenberg “Canada”canadese whose films show an exacerbated realism in special effects, and from writers such as the gothic novelist Stephen King and the British James Graham Ballard, author of Crash.In his actions the themes of Mutation, infection and flesh contamination are intertwined with the psychological element, thus outlining more imaginative than dramatic scenarios.

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