Giada Crispiels

Born the 20th of September 1984 in Brescia, Italy.
She received her MFA in Set Design and Theatre, at LABA Academy of Art, in Italy.
During her last year in her home country she worked as an intern at the Art Gallery, “Galleria Massimo Minini”. Where she investigate the relationship between the art gallery director and the the personalities in the contemporary art world. After that experience she wrote her thesis' project, composed by multiples video-interviews.

She moved to United States in October 2010. That has changed drastically her approach of making art and her art practice itself.

Her body of works is composed mostly by performances, installations and videos/video-animations.
Lately she has been working on a series of installations, engaging her dialog from inside-out spaces. How the world has seen from different prospectives. Her particular focus is about the natural cycle of Nature, and how it has changed with human in the contemporary world.

She is now traveling between artist residency programs in the US. Respectively at Artspace NH, CT; Wassaic Project in Wassaic, NY; visiting artist for the series “Living Gallery” at Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center. And about to go to Preire Arts Center in Peoria, IL (next April-May).
She also had been awarded of a fellowship (Van Lier Fellowship in Environmental structure/design) from NYFA's Mentoring Program for Immigrant Artists in Broklyn NY.
And participated in NYFA's bootcamp, development program for artists.

citta in cui ti trovi ora?: 
Wassaic, NY (USA)