Claudia Jeanne do Nascimento


Very Nice, I'm Claudia Jeanne, artist, publicist, producer cultural objects do using pieces of clothing, plants, playful paintings, photographs and urban interventions.
I live in central west Brazil, where the scrub is prevalent here in this region of Brazil the climate is mild is a flat region, rich in waterfalls and mountains, beautiful valleys to camp, hike and swim.
Well, the hill in a small town, which has a lot of bad history in its architecture and its intangible property, real guardians of their roots and knowledge passed down from generation to generation.
Thanks for being read, this means that I got another friend. Welcome to my corner of the Celeste Prize

.Claudia Jeanne Birth


Argilizando - Gallery of Art Space - Goiânia
Color Experiment - Shopping Bougainville - Goiânia
Birthday - Parish Hall Bela Vista - Engravings
Re-editing the existing - School of Special Education - Bela Vista
Cultural Fair - Parish Hall Bela Vista de Goiás
Dreams - Legislative Assembly
Dressed Anatomy - the Sports Centre Yellow - Setubal
Dressed Anatomy - Mon Café Royal -Portugal/ Elevens Café / Coffee Art Gallery
Bienal B de Porto Alegre/Brasil

• Prize O. J. C.
Bronze - 30 Vt. - AIDS - S. M. Health - 1997
• Columnist Award - MG
Silver - Seat Belt - DMV - 1998
• Out Door Prize Center - SP
Silver - Feast of Arroba - SGPA - 1998
• Prize O. J. C.
Gold - Range Pedestrian - Traffic Department - 1999
• Culture Award Secretariat - GO
Gold - Discrimination - CINE - 2002
• Billboard Award and Visual Communication
Establishment of the Fair - Sindidoor / Center Out Door - 2002
• Award for Outdoor Central - SP
Gold - Balance - Illustration Academy Hall - 2004

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Bela Vista de Goiás