Valentina Brostean


NAME: Valentina
LAST NAME: Broštean
DATE OF BIRTH: 24.10.1983.
ADRESS: Via Dell'Accademia Albertina 25, Turin - Italy
E- mail pisivalentini@gmail.com
Web site: www.valentinabrostean.com


MFA 2009 (Master of Fine Arts)
Academy of Arts Novi Sad / department for graphic design and illustration
Area of Specialization: ILLUSTRATION | BOOK DESIGN
BFA 2006 (Bachelor of Fine Arts)
Academy of Arts Novi Sad / department for graphic design and illustration

Work experience:
2011- / self employed artist, graphic design professional - freelancer
2009- 2011 / teaching assistant position on “graphic design department” on Academy of Arts Novi Sad
2007- 2009 / senior graphic designer, advertising agency “Profile”, Belgrade

Valentina Brostean is an European painter & illustrator who currently lives in Turin (Italy) and works with the clients worldwide; Strongly inspired by urban culture, and pop surrealism movement she has developed her own, very personal, technique and style. Valentina has been invited to participate in collaborative art projects all around the world in diverse solo and group gallery shows. She has more than ten years of experience on illustration projects with several agencies, print and educational work.
Currently she works as an independent artist focusing on developing her personal self expression through painting process and collaborating with worldwide talents and galleries on various art projects which allow her to apply her eclectic creativity.

Solo shows:

2012 "Dorothy Circus Gallery", Rome, Italy - serial of paintings "Last drop of innocence" /April/
2012 "Galo Art Gallery", Torino, Italy - serial of paintings "visiONs OFF an empty mind" /February/
2011 “Pagus gallery”, Philadelphia, USA - serial of paintings and drawings ”Circle of life” /July/
2011 “Fache Arts” Gallery Miami, USA - serial of paintings and drawings - “Meaning of life" /December/
2010 "Belgrade cultural center" - serial of mixed media illustrations "Why ladybirds eat people?” /January/
2009 Gallery “Fache Arts” Miami, USA - serial of paintings and drawings “Stories from a Neverland” /December/

Group shows:

2012 LALUZAPALOOZA, La Luz de Jesus gallery, LA, USA
2012 "Painted sound", Flower-pepper gallery, Pasadena, USA
2012 Urban Expo, "Pretty Portal gallery", Dusseldor,Germany
2012 "Pop surrealism- Stay foolish", Museo Casa del Conte Verde,Rivoli, Italy
2012 “Runaway circus”,August Clown Gallry,Melbourne- Australia
2012 SWAB, international contemporary art fair, Barcelona - Spain
2012 "Game over", the Nova Belgica Art Gallery, Saint Truden - Belgium
2012 "Illustrated", Pretty Portal gallery, Düsseldorf - Germany
2011 "Summer show", Hive Gallery, LA - USA
2011 "Alterazioni Visive", Arcidoso - Italy
2009 “Golden Pen of Belgrade”, International Trienalle of Illustration, Belgrade - Serbia
2009 “Cut & Paste / postcard exibition” international exhibition, digital graphics, Stockholm - Sweden
2009 “Graphocalypse” exhibition on EXIT music festival, digital graphics, Novi Sad - Serbia
2006 Group exhibiton of Theatre posters & manifests, Budapest - Hungary
2006 “Outside Project”, multimedia exhibition, Florence - Italy
2006 “Golden Pen of Belgrade”, International Trienalle of Illustration, Belgrade - Serbia

Published works internationaly / magazines, e-publications:
Juxtapoz, New Web Pick, Castle, Candy, Digital Ink, Chew, Art Nectar, Empty Kingdom, Catapult Art Mag, Dailyartfixx, Sweet Station NYC, Upperplayground, Living Design, ecc.

Artist statement:
I've always had a sharp eye and strong emotional attraction for the strange beauty and the grotesqueries of life. My inspiration comes from a need to tell a story, to search deep into the subconscious layered realms of my soul and hear what it has to tell me, listen to that inner voice which has a need to break outside! For me art is life itself, but life in the very essence of it, with all the good and bad that it carries along the way.. it demands courage, it demands vision, it demands faith, love and devotion! Therefore I find myself, in front of every new canvas, like a modest, honest missionary and like a fearless warrior, on the side of light against darkness, in search for answers of life, love, meaning, bonds.. in front of every new canvas, over and over again I am brave beginner on the exciting quest of discovery and creation! My art is strongly focused on figurative narration which on a first look can be a far distance fairy dreamy world set in a fantastical landscapes of imaginary which echoes of her own, but I rather like to see them as a simple reflection of us - modern society without it's masks, without the fake presentations that make us acceptable no matter which group we are part of. Yet I strongly believe that the only place where we are truly revealed the way we are is one from the inside and that's the one that I try to capture on the canvas. I welcome you to my bitter, yet sweetly coated prescription for modern life!

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