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Sigis Vinylism - 1st artist of vinyls in world! Innovative vintage vinyl Art, design & fashion - www.sigis-vinylism.com

Sigis Vinylism the century Matteo Vaccari Sigismondi was born January 27, 1978 in Milan. Record collector always emerges as a DJ from a young age in a period where the DJ was not considered a profession but a hobby for boys. His cultural background has always been impregnated by music from those discs companions in life ... but also joy and pain of change. Years pass and Sigis starts to become a man. A man who feels compelled to say something in an accurate, easy sweet and exuberant. Inspired by his records, so a night begins to bend the first to become a rose. It was August 7, 2007. From this moment Sigis Vinylism he understood that silence could be the best way to say things accurately on a journey exhilarating. Since December 2008 is one of the leading artists of the prestigious Gallery of Monaco GAM, alongside names such as Magritte, Picasso and Basquiat, and begins to participate in international fairs, shows and charity events.

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