Suspended Time


Sabato, 21 Luglio, 2018 - 18:15


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Hermann Josef Runggaldier

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Sabato, 18 Agosto, 2018 - 12:15

Suspended Time


Hermann Josef Runggalder: Suspended Time

Solo Exhibition: iSculpture Gallery San Gimignano | July 21-August 18 , 2018

Opening: July, 21th 2018, 6 p.m.

iSculpture Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition “Suspended Time” by Hermann Josef Runggaldier, which will be held in our venue in San Gimignano.

“The crafting process begins with observation, a recurring theme – despite different forms of expression – in various cycles of his works. The artist tries to grasp moments and situations in which both those observed, the future subjects of his sculptures, and he himself are waiting, at the airport for instance, at the railway station or the bus stop. He studies them meticulously, observing the attitudes, postures and facial expressions of these oblivious, anonymous actors. These are ordinary, everyday scenes, in which the characters are simply living their day-to-day lives, without posing in any way. The artist isn’t even noticed and never crosses the boundaries of the personal sphere.

Another very important cycle is that developed around the use of roots. Here, the artist works in a way very similar to an archaeologist, unveiling dreamlike formations of a hidden nature: the roots extracted and processed become not only a frame, but a tangible fragment of a landscape, in which to integrate man. A harmonious dialogue is created between the slender bodies of the people and the sinuous curves of the roots”.

Hermann Josef Runggaldier

After attending a course of sculpture and design at the Art Institute in Ortisei he learned and he perfected sculpture techniques in several craftsmen laboratories. In the years 1969-1972 he travelled a lot for his studies, visiting Vienna, Berlin, London and the United States. During this period he pursued an intense printing activity. In 1975 he obtained the title of “Master of sculptures”, participated in various collective exhibitions and also held many solo exhibitions. With his sculptures, mostly created in bronze, wood and stone, he has won many prizes.

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iSculpture was established in 2012 by Francesca Cundari and Patrick Pii, with the aim to promote both young and successful Italian sculptors. Our attention is mostly focused on the research of the new borders of the Italian figurative arts.

The works of our selected artists represent a significant example of contemporary Italian sculptural production in the fields of ceramics, bronze, alabaster, wood, marble and iron. Tradition and modernity merge together in the 14th century architecture and the renovation works, facilitating a timeless dialogue between the art works and the spectator. Its first location in San Gimignano is today joined by another exhibition space in Casole d'Elsa (SI), a historical town located at the border between the provinces of Siena and Pisa which has been for many years influenced by international art and culture movements.


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