Dreaming Christmas


Giovedì, 30 Novembre, 2017 - 19:00


Laviolette Gallery
ue Michel Lecomte 75003 Paris

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Laviolette Gallery


Alexis Manchion, Brice Mounier, Eric Van den Berg, Frédéric Bourcier, Jessica Guidi, Mattia Morelli, Marco Ponzianelli, Ymy Nigris

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Domenica, 3 Dicembre, 2017 - 23:00

Dreaming Christmas


“When I was a child, my grand father gave us an orange for every Christmas 

It was to remind us we were lucky to enjoy and have what we were waiting for under the Christmas tree, that not everyone was able to get a beautiful Christmas and many gifts.

When my grand father was young , it was a privilege to get an orange for Christmas 

So what could be a dreaming Christmas now I am older 

I think it is to share with people I like the art pieces I would love to have under my Christmas tree 

I imagine an exhibition as my arty list to Santa Claus, expecting that Santa Claus will be generous with me.

Come to enjoy the photographies and sculptures I am dreaming of 

Take a piece of my dreaming Christmas”