Drawing Nude - Marianne Vierø


Giovedì, 9 Giugno, 2022 - 18:00


Rita Urso Artopiagallery
Via Lazzaro Papi, 2


Marianne Vierø

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Giovedì, 9 Giugno, 2022 - 22:00

Drawing Nude - Marianne Vierø


Artopia gallery is pleased to present Drawing Nude, a solo exhibition of the Danish artist Marianne Vierø
(Copenhagen, 1979), a collection of a brand-new body of works she brought together for the occasion.

The ludic approach that denotes Vierø’s artistic practice is evident in the title of the exhibition Drawing Nude. The use of the play on words (is the artist drawing a nude or drawing while nude?) is the testimony of the current loss of a clear standpoint. At the same time, it is the possibility for rebirth and to start finding meaning again. The artist interrogates and entertains the visitor in a complex relationship, raising doubts and questions.

In the exhibition, Marianne Vierø presents three bodies of work: jute paintings and some bread and led sculptures.
The hemp canvases entitled Loom painting are a middle ground between textile art and painting. In these works, with strong tactile suggestions, Marianne preserves the physicality of the raw canvas by untangling, as on a body, the threads that compose it and by applying an extremely diluted color on the surface.
In the sculptures called Untitled: model (Breadwinner), Vierø uses the raw dough, shaping it into different sections of the body and evoking the porosity of the skin.
The LED sculptures are a set of separate elements that interact with each other in a sort of “library of
materials”, alluding to the shape of an arm.

Marianne’s research acts on the process of the translation of expressive languages by dealing with the
iconographic model of the nude, a favorite of artists, and through the history of art. Elements specific to certain fields and heterogeneous processing techniques trigger unprecedented experiments that take the form of unexpected formal results. From the graft, the different languages generate indefinite, or rather indefinable, works on the border between inconsistent mediums.

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