This is Rat


Written & directed by Stella Asia Consonni 
Edited by Seyed Adel Mossadegh
Sound by Federico Laini

Character Mark Shipp
Rat Lucy
Make up, hair & special effect Erika Thomas

‘This is Rat’ is aimed to express my personal point of view on the post-modern lifestyle, characterized by super-fast life and exaggerated communication. My personal reaction to the nowadays evolution of the society is a non-stop fight with time and sense, in every action I do. This causes me an extreme confusion, which has been recently marked as dyslexia.
Since I was a kid I was experiencing dyslexia without knowing I was affected by it. The test I have undertaken few months ago finally revealed to me the cause of my problems. With ‘This is Rat’, I want the viewer to experience the state caused by dyslexia, without directly address to it. In so doing he or she is dragged into an anxious and confused state without knowing the cause, which is exactly what I have been experiencing until the dyslexia screening.


This is Rat from Stella Asia Consonni on Vimeo.

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