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Simona Molinari is born in Naples in 1983, but lives in L’Aquila most of her life. Already as child, she develops an intense passion for old american musical and, eight years old, she starts studying singing.
A lover of jazz, but open to experimentation and mergers with other musical genres, Simona is one of those rare artists who can collect almost unanimous acclaim from both audiences and critics.
She has also done some theater experience, another stage of formation of great importance in her artistic career. After the success of Egocentrica (2009), we have recently seen her at the Sanremo Festival, paired with the excellent american singer-songwriter Peter Cincotti. Their song, La Felicità, is one of the best of the festival. Simona has also hit the mark with a look that blends together elegance and sensuality.
Her official site is: (english version).

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