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A familiar face to those who, like me, loves the television serials, Julie Benz is a very good actress, who has found his perfect size working (mostly) for the small screen.
In addition to being appeared in a lot of important productions, Buffy, Taken, Desperate Housewives and Angel, Julie is best known for being one of the main protagonists of Dexter.
In the role of Rita Bennet (the woman of the good serial killer, Dexter, of course) Julie was able to create a multi-faceted character, full of surprises and quite unusual for what concerns the American serials. Her demise was a shock to fans.
In the movies Julie Benz has been noted in a number of titles that are close to my heart, especially Rambo and Punisher – War Zone.
Born in 1972, in Pittsburgh, married twice, very active on Twitter, she looks like a positive and sunny woman.
And now, as usual, I leave you with some photos.



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