Opening: CONTEMPORARY VENICE – Architectures of Identities

Opening: CONTEMPORARY VENICE – Architectures of Identities


Opening: CONTEMPORARY VENICE – Architectures of Identities


Sabato, 30 Aprile, 2016 - 18:00

A cura di

Luca Curci and Andrea Chinellato

Artisti partecipanti

Glynis Ackermann, Mohammad Ali Famori, Gulay Alpay, Sara Antunes, Kati Bruder, Esther Bunting, Caity Carter, Eleni Chamou, Patricia Creyns, Jessica Dickinson, Veronica Hodges, Christian Mélot, Vincent Messelier, Mika Qatsi, Miriam Robinson, Faris Salim Nakamura, Maria Tsepennikova, Greetje van den Akker, Shanglie Zhou


Ca' Zanardi
Calle Zanardi Cannaregio, 4132, Venezia

Comunicato Stampa

International ArtExpo, It’s Liquid Group, Venice Art House and Ca’ Zanardi, are proud to announce the opening of CONTEMPORARY VENICE – Architectures of Identities, international art exhibition of photography, video art, installation, painting and performance art.

The opening of the event will be on April 30, 2016 at Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi in Venice, starting from 06:00 PM (free entry).

organizers: It’s LIQUID Group & International ArtExpo
partners: Ca’ Zanardi, Venice Art House
curators: Luca Curci, Andrea Chinellato

project coordinator: Carmela Loiacono
graphic designer: Domenico Fallacara
collaborators: María Bermúdez Ramírez, Veronica Comisso, Chiara Colussi, Giorgio Dariol, Agnese Prendin

press office: It’s LIQUID

– Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Cannaregio 4132 – 30121 Venice, Italy
– Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, from April 30 to May 19, 2016; from 11.00 AM to 06.00 PM; closed on Monday; free entry

The event is curated by Arch. Luca Curci (director of International ArtExpo and It’s LIQUID Group) and Andrea Chinellato (director of Venice Art House and Ca’ Zanardi).

CONTEMPORARY VENICE – Architectures of Identities will be focused on all the different facets of social, physical and cultural identities of our contemporary societies. Everyday we deal with a multitude of different identities and roles: we face the public life creating and adapting our social identities; our body and aesthetic tastes modify and are modified by our physical and sexual identities; our whole being evolves as well as contemporary cultures and modern cities do. Differences create new compounds and exchange possibilities.

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