ON THE RUN BOOKS # 13 – Special Edition Monsters Of Art – 20 years of havoc Europe's most notorious train crew, Monsters Of Art, celebrates 20 years of train havoc.
It is with great pleasure that we honor their anniversary with a monster edition of ON THE RUN.
With over 200 pages that detail MOAS's history and unique crew concept, along with classic tales from the train yard, including great escapes, writer beef, legendary busts, extreme graffiti feats, trains, trains and more trains. This is a must-have for all diehard fans of train graffiti.
MOAS blasted onto the Copenhagen scene in 1991.
Once they had Denmark locked down, MOAS expanded through a series of high profile, international affiliations to become omnipresent in Denmark, Europe and now the world.
Their infamous working methods have become the standard for those daring to compete.
Many have attempted, but most fail.
For those willing to try, be warned, they are ruthless inside and outside the yard, so proceed with caution.
MOAS – 20 years on the run and still going strong.
Don't listen to the rumors; get the story direct from the source.
Book Release 29. April 2011!
Title: Monsters of Art
Series: On The Run Books
Author: Amber Grünhäuser
Pages: 224 full color
Photographs: ca. 550 photographs & illustrations
Format: 23,5 x 16cm (9.25 x 6.3 inches)
Language: English edition
ISBN Paperback: 978-3-937946-68-9
Price Paperback: 14.95 € | 14.99 £ | US $ 19.95.

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