Salon Suisse Four: kinesis


Giovedì, 23 Novembre, 2017 - 18:30


Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi
Dorsoduro 810 - 30123 Venezia

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Pro Helvetia, Raw Material Company


Khyam Allami, Naim Al Asmar, Marcos Lutyens, Megan Rooney, Claudia Comte

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Sabato, 25 Novembre, 2017 - 23:00

Salon Suisse Four: kinesis


Salon Suisse Four: ‘kinesis’

23 – 25 November 2017
Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi, Dorsoduro 810, Venice, Italy


Salonnière: Koyo Kouoh
Co-Salonniers: Samuel Leuenberger and Rasha Salti
Guests: Khyam Allami, Naim Al Asmar, Marcos Lutyens, Megan Rooney, Claudia Comte


Thursday 23 November, from 18:30
• Glossolalia in C: •
a microtonal, multi-language, experimental music and poetry performance by Khyam Allami and Naim Al Asmar introduced by Rasha Salti


Friday 24 November, from 18:30
• Without Poetry Nothing is Possible •
new performances by Marcos Lutyens and Megan Kelly Rooney


Saturday 25 November, from 19:30
• Claudia Comte: The Primary Fondue Party •
[booking is required for this event. Please email between 20-24 November]


Running concomitantly to the Pavilion of Switzerland as a Collateral Event, Salon Suisse Four: ‘kinesis’ examines what contemporary performance allows us to ‘do’. This year’s final Salon will investigate some of the ways in which performance articulates national or civic identities – and invites audiences to co-habit or activate them. Performance can staccato the flow of time, giving rise to cessations and pauses, loops and returns, and in doing so enable encounters with complex histories. But how do performative strategies occupy speculative worlds long enough for us to feel their effects? Kinesis begins by exploring the limits of language through the phenomenon of glossolalia or ‘speaking in tongues’. In this multi-language performance by Khyam Allami and Naim Al Asmar, linguistic transgression is explored as a means of communicating an ‘unintelligible’ language, albeit one which is emotionally or psychically expressive.

Performances by artists Megan Rooney, Marcos Lutyens and Claudia Comte will explore modes of assembling and sequencing performance acts within the framework of ATARAXIA. Rooney’s performancePoor Memory uses poetry as a primary register to communicate vectors of contemporary life. Marcos Lutyens’s performance Phobophobia / Philaphilia engages our senses via hypnosis, offering a visceral journey through areas of the body wherein the ‘fear of fear’ is thought to reside, towards a state of ‘philaphilia’ or the ‘love of joy’. Meanwhile, Claudia Comte uses the Swiss culinary staple of cheese fondue as a system for structuring social activity.


Details of the programme:


Thursday 23 November, 6:30 pm
Glossolalia in C: A microtonal, multi-language, experimental music and poetry performance by Khyam Allami and Naim Al Asmar

More commonly known as ‘speaking in tongues’, glossolalia is usually associated with religious rites, wherein believers suddenly begin speaking in an obscure, undecipherable language. It is essentially a vocalising of words in syllabic cadence that transgresses language. Based on their vocal experiments with poetry, performance, incantation, digital recording and traditional instruments, Composer and musician Khyam Allami and long-time collaborator Naim Al Asmar propose an intriguing preview introduced by Co-Salonnière, Rasha Salti.


Friday 24 November, 6:30 pm
Without Poetry Nothing is Possible: New performances by Marcos Lutyens and Megan Rooney

Presenting newly commissioned performances, Marcos Lutyens and Megan Rooney use performance as a platform for transformation. Marcos Lutyens invites us on a hypnotic journey to expunge a contemporaneous condition: the ‘fear of fear’ – a condition exacerbated by the proliferation of primary and secondary trauma in visual culture. For Phobophobia / Philaphilia, Lutyens deploys artistic and restorative processes to locate the areas of the body wherein fear is thought to collect and reside. Adopting the technique of ‘discharge’ from Somatic Experiencing – a form of therapy aimed at relieving and resolving the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) –  Lutyens aims at moving the audience toward a state of ‘philaphilia’ or the ‘love of joy’. Megan Rooney’s works aim at transforming the quality of a space using the personalities of the characters she projects into them. Her narratives occupy a shape-shifting tonality made manifest in video and sculpture installations and expansive murals featuring discombobulated figures and accumulated objects – oddly displaced from their prior function or context. Rooney combines these re-worldings with spoken word and choreographic elements. On this occasion, Rooney will base her performance on and inside of a transformed object.

Saturday 25 November, 7:30 pm
Claudia Comte: The Primary Fondue Party
The Primary Fondue Party is an interactive dinner performance by multidisciplinary artist Claudia Comte. A primary colourful cheese fondue will be prepared and served to 44 guests seated in a playful geometry. The performance draws on Comte’s interest in the possibilities of modular, multi-part works and their infinite modalities of display. Logic and strategy perform a structural role in Comte’s works. From modernist, concrete and minimalist principles to board games and comics, these frames return throughout as systems of regulation and particularity. Guests will take their seats according to the card they choose, as it relates to the arrangement of tables. Those interested in attending the dinner should reserve their space by sending an email to:

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