Erosion. Mostra personale di Ciredz


Sabato, 21 Aprile, 2018 - 18:30


MAGMA gallery
Via Santo Stefano, 164

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Roberto Ciredz

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Sabato, 23 Giugno, 2018 - 19:00

Erosion. Mostra personale di Ciredz


MAGMA gallery is glad to present "Erosion", Ciredz solo show, from April 21st to June 23rd 2018.
This event represents an important further step in the relationship between MAGMA gallery and the artist. Featured since the beginning at the gallery's exhibitions, alongside with great Italian and foreign names, Roberto Cireddu, aka Ciredz (Cagliari, 1981), with "Erosion" presents to MAGMA's audience his most recent stylistic research that still has its roots in his homeland, Sardinia. From these places, in fact, he shows the strong contrasting landscapes, through works that seem to tell the same energy of the winds, the tides.
The works he creates are inspired in fact from the earth, from the study of its conformation; topographic maps become traces, infinite signs that lead from reality to abstraction. The perceptive relationship between man and nature, its changing, unstable and sometimes deceptive essence, is the central element of his style.
Concrete, paper, soil, resin, stone; through the use of these poor materials, Ciredz expresses his point of view on the life cycle.
The process of erosion precedes the loss, the annulment, the material disintegration of what we remembered intact. Memories and objects seem to crumble like sand. Instead, Ciredz focuses his attention on what happens after, on the next moment, where the forms become different, through new combinations and new amalgams. His sculptures and his works on paper conserve man's memory through cement, a symbol of the urban landscape.
This inert, expressionless material joins the vitality that Ciredz manages to make surprisingly concrete in the blue color of the resins and the screen printing interventions on the works on paper. Sharp lines, wide backgrounds, sharp profiles; the crystalline blue does not seem to know the time nor the depth: a primordial energy that makes precious the remains of the passage of man.
Erosion, the subtraction of matter, becomes before our eyes transformation, a poetic discovery.

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