APL005 Gavin Herlihy - Krypton Factor (Delano's Deep Space mix) Official Video

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Director: Marco Manes
Music: Gavin Herlihy - Krypton Factor (Delano's Deep Space mix)
Idea: Tatiana Carelli, Giuseppe D' Alessandro
Styling/ Art buyer: Tatiana Carelli
Actors: Fabio Di Narzo, Nina D'Alessandro
Editing: Marco Manes
Executive producer: Giuseppe D'Alessandro


"The London based Label Apparel Music releases a fresh and uplifted splitsingle from Delano Smith and Gavin Herlihy. Both tracks are a perfect mixture of timeless deepness and modern club roughness."Delano`s Deep Space Mix" of Gavins "Krypton Factor" takes the sound of both artists and fits it in a dreamy synth tune which already hitting the floors of the Miami partys this year." (Wordandsound)

"Der Track von Delano Smith mit seinem feinen Swing, der tief in das Grollen der Hintergroundsounds eingebettet ist und die einfache, aber sehr trockene Stimme überzeugen mich vom ersten Moment, auch wenn eigentlich nicht mehr viel darüber hinaus geschieht. "Krypton Factor" von Herlihy zeigt ihn in bester steppender Minimalhouselaune und lässt viel Raum für den für ihn typischen Funk, der sich durch die dennoch sehr ruhig gleitenden Sounds zieht. Dazu noch ein mehr an Chicago-Klassik erinnernder Remix von Delano, der mittendrin in die galaktischen Weiten abdriftet." (De:Bug)

"Just because you call your song "Lost in Detroit" doesn't mean you're necessarily from Detroit. That's the case here, though, and I'll admit I wouldn't have guessed without looking it up. That track, first up on this excellent EP, is Delano Smith's, and it's got enough of a basic fuzzy quality—that filmy kind of filtering that gives things a shade of static, a purposeful analog feel—that it could have come from just about anywhere that sort of thing is in vogue, which is probably just about anywhere house reigns supreme. But that alien zone is increasingly crowded, and Smith's touches of stick percussion kick it up a couple places. Smith's reworking of Gavin Herlihy's "Krypton Faktor" is similarly cool, but here the beat carries a lot more tonnage. The drums are fiercely articulated and a big synth riff joins two minutes in just to amp things up for real. Herlihy's original "Krypton Faktor" is different again: lengthy, ruminative, spooky in texture without being a forbidding listen. The smoky cloudy organ effect that provides the hook draws you to it." (Resident Advisor)

"Plain and Simple TV"
What does it sound like?
A little slice of quality, deep but not dull tech courtesy of US producer Delano Smith and Briton Gavin Herlihy. The EP is dominated by its title track thanks to an additional remix, but does come with a well worth buying B-side. Starting with the A though things are comparable to Siesta's hey day and the tougher, more electro edges of the old West Coast sound, meaning driving but groovy basslines and inviting percussion abounds, while there's also an obvious techno zeitgeist in the brew too. Smith's own remix reduces the stabbed tempo and opts for a cosmic disco workout that's no less reliant on the low end than its predecessor was. Then there's Lost In Detroit, which falls somewhere in between the mechanical soul of said city's newcomers and Stacey Pullen's smooth techy stylings, capped off with a guy saying something hypnotic. Just don't ask us what it's got to do with the 1980s TV series.

Where would I dance to it?
Anywhere and everywhere, particularly after Villalobos apparently dropped both original and remix when Herlihy passed him a copy at a gig in Leeds.

What highlights can I expect to hear?
For us Lost In Detroit is the winner, as is anything that boasts such rhythm. Dark, dirty, and with all the hallmarks of classic tech house this is one all sides of the four four camp can get down to.

Why should I pay for it?
As ever it's a question of morality.

Where can I buy it?
12" on Decks:
Digital Version on Beatport:

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