Giovedì, 3 Aprile, 2014 - 20:00

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Luisa Catucci

Artisti partecipanti

/// Andreas Fischbach /// Giulia Manfredi /// Vladimir  Isailovic ///


Cell63 artplatform
Allerstrasse 38, 12049 Berlino

Comunicato Stampa

As characters from the cult movie PLAYTIME by the french regisseur Jacque Tati, attempting to navigate in a futuristic Paris constructed of straight lines, modernist glass and steel
high-rise buildings, multi-lane roadways, cold, artificial furnishings, our infamous storytellers Giulia, Vladimir e Andreas navigate in our already futuristic reality of block housing, asphixiating multimediality, humanized mechanization, over rated technologies.
In this environment, only the irrepressible nonconformity of human nature and an occasional appreciation for the good old days can breathe life into an otherwise sterile urban lifestyle. And the conscious ability of transforming whatever life has to offer in a marvellous, astonishing, lucrative PLAYTIME.


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mostre, arte, eventi, artistici, gallerie, contemporanea

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