memorie di equilibrio

memorie di equilibrio


memorie di equilibrio


Giovedì, 19 Marzo, 2015 - 18:30


Via Lovanio 6, Milano

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memorie di equilibrio

water & land GRABBING


Artists: Daesung Lee, and …

An economArt project by Anna d’Ambrosio


19 March – 5 April 2015

Opening: 19 March, 18.30


The Nestlé’s chairman, Austrian Peter Brabeck, said:

“Water is not a human right, it is a necessity one pay for. It is negotiable as wages are.

Water should be turned into a modern market product with its own price”. 

Abel Gruz Gutièrrez, founder of “Peruanos sin agua”, with the project Atrapanieblas from Lima, replies: “el agua ahora si’ es de todos”.

Two different voices on an important theme: the gold rush blue.

The gallery AMY D Arte Spazio unveils the new economART project that opens the 2015 exhibitive season.

In 2012, with the project “Fame di terra” we talked about “Land Grabbing”; today, in 2015, we talk about “Water Grabbing”.

These two phenomena are two sides of the same coin, mutually dependent: a new form of savage colonialism.

International investors are buying lands and water in equal measure; once the land obtained, they have to guarantee themselves with a direct access to water sources, especially for the type of cultivation and the kind of business they carry on: the agribusiness.

The climate change is at the basis of projects, which are both a proof and a statement of our individual responsibilities.

All of this is:

Futuristic Archaeology”, a project created in Mongolia by the Korean artist Daesung Lee.

“I had the idea for a museum collection made of living people, inspired by the nomadic peoples of the Mongolia’s desert, which are doomed to disappear”.

He talks about the relationship between desertification and nomadism and how this relationship has changed radically in recent years, so much as to urge the artist to create sorts of archaeological scenographies, the very same ones that Lee imagines as exhibited in the museums of the future.

Daesung Lee, born in 1975, 2013 Sony World Award with “Ghoramara”, a project on environmental refugees, presents, for the very first time in Italy, “Futuristic Archaeology”.

“Sintesi” 2014, by the Veneto’s artist Mattia Novello, born in 1985, is a thermal insulating panel of Aeropan (Aerogel and polypropylene) of the American AMA Composites here transformed into a maze game.

“The game is instinct, chance, competition. By controlling a drop of coloured water through various obstacles one relies on his instincts and, by centring the hole, the randomness will colour a piece of paper placed in the underneath drawer”. (performative action = work that becomes)

The artist has been the protagonist of “The Transparent Dream”, May 2014, the economArt project that introduced nanotechnologies in Contemporary Art. With “Peso piuma”, in 2014, he created the world’s first work made of graphene aerogel.

“Sinfonia: Numero …” by Manuel Felisi. The sound of water, dedicated to the musicality of the rain. A piano that, thanks to a particular system, will be played by water and not by hands. A powerfully entropic work.

“Peru … Atrapanieblas”, a photographic project by Mirko Cecchi. Art as knowledge and possibilities for solutions for those who, like in Lima, live the lack of water as a daily emergency.

“Vita liquida” by Lia Pascaniuc. Made of 90% water, the jellyfish: a marine creature in the absolute void of a shared spatiality. Holographic technology and 3D effect.

STREAMCOLORS (Giacomo Giannella & Giuliana Geronimo). New forms of visual and storytelling, by combining gaming technology and 3D animation.

And others.


Artistic excellences and technological experimentation will have great visibility within AMY D Arte Spazio, which will lead this project up to EXPO 2015 and, later on, to the Festival Della Scienza of Genoa.

“Memorie di equilibrio” & the amoeba … figures in transformation.


Participating artists 

Daesung Lee 

Mattia Novello

Mirko Cecchi

Manuel Felisi

Lia Pascaniuc

Diamante Faraldo


Luca Gilli

Alberto Gianfreda

Massimiliano Camellini

Santiago Villanueva 

Streamcolors (Giuliana Geronimo& Giacomo Giannella)

Kubo effetti speciali


Scientific committee & partner

Festival della Scienza di Genova

Politecnico di Milano

Unisa di Salerno

Tor Vergata

AMA S.p.A.






EXPO _ alienation & lawlessness

a critical reflection


The “great work”, according to Vandana Shiva, is a “showcase for corruption and waste”.

The EXPO’s choice of having corporations that are responsible for this as exhibitors is a political choice and especially an economic one.

Finally, if someone answers that EXPO is not a political event but only an exhibition, then it is a big swindle because 70 multinational as EXPO’s partners are a political fact. Here are some of them:  Monsanto (“Blue 100 km”), Coca Cola (soft drink partner), McDonald (slogan “Nourish the world”), Barilla  (BCFN), Mekorot (Israeli water company), Cargill, Nestlé (the EXPO’s water).

Piero Basso refers to the great paradox of our time.

We produce one third more than what would be necessary to feed every inhabitant of the planet. 

We throw away an amount of it that could be able to feed 2 billions while we have one billion hungry people and a billion of obese people.

If EXPO seriously wanted to “exhibit” such a great theme, it should have started from this paradox and placed the right to water at its centre: the nourishment par excellence.

The water grabbing is definitely the new phenomenon of our time, and there are different typologies of it and it is important to know it and to fight it, just as the land grabbing.

Our proposal is a “new water ethic” which is based on four basic principles:

water as a human right

water as a public property that can neither be sold nor bought but handled with care for future generations

water as a right, by itself, for the environment, for other creatures

water for its inherent potential to teach us to live all together, as a vehicle of peace rather than war


Maude Barlow, leader of the international campaign for the recognition by the UN of water as a human right and member of the board of the International Forum on Globalization, talks about it in her latest book “Blue Future: Protecting Water For People And The Planet Forever”.

In the USA-Canada-Chile-Australia, the sale of water exploitation rights is already taking place. The Texan tycoon Boone Pickens has bought a lake in Alaska and resold it to Saudi Arabia and China; while in Chile, rivers’ water is parcelled and sold at auction. The water grabbing is the reality throughout Africa.

Chiara Tonelli, professor of genetics, writes: “With the increasing of the population, the land available to produce decreases: in 2030 we will be more than eight billions, with only 1,800 cultivable square meters apiece.

In a world that in 2050 will have to feed ten billions mouths, the availability of water - three-quarters of water resources will be used for the production of food - will become a strategic resource, essential to global sustainability”.


Water is life: from there runs every development project, any idea of sustainability for the planet.

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