Exhibition of contemporary art "UNREAL ATMOSPHERES AND SURREAL VISIONS"

Exhibition of contemporary art "UNREAL ATMOSPHERES AND SURREAL VISIONS"


Exhibition of contemporary art "UNREAL ATMOSPHERES AND SURREAL VISIONS"


Sabato, 3 Ottobre, 2015 - 17:00

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Artisti partecipanti

Melinda Barwanietz Bezeredy

Hungarian painter, her pecuriality is the chalk painting using a simple rotation of the hand: this means that she has no chance of correction in case of error. It’s a new technic, never known before. The themes proposed are related to allegorical portraits, flowers and feminine silhouettes. She is inspired by her curiosity and visions.

Werner Kramer

German painter, his genre is the abstract painting. This style of painting suits his spontaneity. When he sits comfortably on his chair and listens to music, visual images arise in him. The contrasting effects of music underline his own work. The music gives him artistic inspiration for the next brush stroke. Kramer's works are illusions and fantasies.



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Exhibition of contemporary art of Melinda Barwanietz Bezeredy and Werner Kramer

 dedicated to the world of dreams and illusions.


Opening 03 October 2015 h 17.00

Free entry


The delicate artworks, hosted in the dedicated exhibition hall of MAD GALLERY MILANO, will welcome visitors and invite them to enter in the dream world of the two artists that can tell, on this occasion, about the spirituality and the magic of their visions. It's up to you perceive them, be prepared for that kind of excitement.

This exhibition is certainly a unique opportunity to learn about the talented work of the two artists, a sensorial visit to the gallery populated by their imaginative paintings, innocent but also mysterious, fascinating, that recall to dreams and imagination.

The soft colors of the paintings of Melinda seem watercolor and with her particular technique, she seems to pull off something that already exists, created by itself. In the artworks of Werner, instead, the color flows, right from the top to the base of the canvas and the uncertain dominates the clear.

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