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from October 15th to November 13th 2011

James Gray Gallery presents: Marinella Paolini, Urban Soul, an exhibition featuring the photos of a professional whose life is completely dedicated to photography. Edited by Biba Mogherini, the show shall be accompanied by a critical essay by Alessandro Trabucco, one of the most alert and active exponents of contemporary photographic art in Italy. The exposition will open to the public on Saturday October 15th until November 13th 2011.
Marinella Paolini is well known thanks to her collaboration of twenty years with major national and international magazines, for which she photographed some of the most beautiful houses in the world filling hundreds of covers. However a few years ago, she felt the need to go beyond and the desire to explore. Following her instincts, Marinella widened the range of her subjects trying to get with her photographs to the soul of things.
In particular Urban Soul features a selection of photographs that could be defined as “architectural portraits”. Thanks to the specific angle applied by the artist to each image, her very personal rendering and almost total lack of color, the viewer can focus completely on the shape and the design. Urban Soul, traveling to Los Angeles this fall, it will be represents after that, also in New York City at the Bosi-Damjanovic Gallery -Soho- since November 22th to Gennuary 31th 2012.
Urban Soul it was born from Paolini’s needs to capture the essential nature of the buildings she chooses to photograph, exactly as it happens with a portrait.
But what makes Paolini’s work truly unique is the printing technique – created by the artist herself. Her photographs are printed directly on Glossy German certificated Dibond, a material widely used by architects which makes them very interesting not only to be looked at but also to be touched.
Image and materials merge to create an unprecedented result, making every print different overcoming what is considered a major limit of artistic photography: seriality.

JAMES GRAY GALLERY Bergamot Station Art Center 2525 Michigan Ave, Bulding D4 Santa Monica, CA 90404


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Data Inaugurazione: 
Sabato, 15 Ottobre, 2011 - 19:00

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