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MADATAC is an international independent and non-profit springboard, with an open approach, for cutting edge experimental and new media audio-visual culture, that particularly values innovation, originality and risk-taking art projects.

This unique event take 's place in Madrid (Spain) each December within the city Mile of Art, with daily screenings of video art masterpieces; competitive section; exhibitions of advanced video installations; open discussions with artists; seminars, lectures and round-table debates related to art, beauty and technology; audio-visual performances; workshops; think-thank forums; video art auctions and multiple awards.

Our objective is encourage the participation of citizens in the fields of audiovisual art, video art and digital media art culture to promote the exchange of knowledge between professionals and serve as a collective laboratory in which artists can present their most recent creations to the public, criticism, commissioners, collectors, institutions and companies, as well as other artists.

This is intended to support and spotlight rising investigations, research work and papers on this field employing new technologies, awarding creative excellence of artists who best fuse in a single work technology and imagination and challenge conventional cinematic narratives, in order to build worldwide bridges between artists and organizations overturned towards the most transforming future art.

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