INCANDESCENT JUBILATIONS: Tinamaria Marongiu Espone installazioni "Box-Es"

INCANDESCENT JUBILATIONS: Tinamaria Marongiu Espone installazioni "Box-Es"


INCANDESCENT JUBILATIONS: Tinamaria Marongiu Espone installazioni "Box-Es"


Venerdì, 7 Dicembre, 2012 (Tutto il giorno)

A cura di

Ruthie Tucker

Artisti partecipanti

Tinamaria Marongiu
Divna Pesic
Suzanne Fortin



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Modern artist Louise Nevelson stated, “Art is everywhere, except it has to pass through a creative mind.” Contemporary artist Tinamaria Marongiu’s three-dimensional assemblage creations channel artisanal craftsmanship through nostalgic ephemera, interweaving delicate materials behind Plexiglas to create illuminating shadow “Box-Es” imaginatively recalling pastime curiosity.

Tinamaria Marongiu titles her artistic creations “Box-Es,” through which she ardently assembles numerous man-made and natural materials including paper, lace, rocks and wood onto canvases propped inside Plexiglas boxes. Historically connected to Renaissance “Wunderkammer” (Cabinets of Curiosity), Ms. Marongiu creates visual curiosity cabinets out of resplendent visceral ephemera analogous to the masterful works of Modern assemblage pioneers Joseph Cornell and Louise Nevelson. Similar to educational vitrines at a Natural History Museum, the “Box-Es” act as a theatrical stages allowing childlike curiosity to fervently unfold. These ecological and cultural topiaries recombine our contemporary multi-media world into visually stimulating realms, awakening pure sensational enquiry by joyfully examining the assembled material configurations. Ms. Marongiu arouses universal pastimes by unearthing a playful inquiry reminiscent of childlike curiously, allowing viewers to joyfully examine a newfound view of the surrounding world through material appropriation in her multifaceted assemblage “Box-Es.”

The award-winning artist Tinamaria Marongiu works and resides in her native Italy. She began her artistic career as a trained singer and musician, receiving early success with her LP “Contremano” distributed by Virgin Records in Germany. In 2005, her original song “Motherland” won critic’s choice at “The Italians in the World” competition held in Paris, and in 2007, her first full length CD “From Poetto the Malecon” was released under Interbeat Records and distributed throughout Europe by CNI. Her fine art is exhibited internationally in countries including Italy, France, Spain and the United States, with shows throughout Miami and New York City. Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is proud to showcase the art of this contemporary master.

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