Fanni Fazekas at (in) Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art - MUSEION, Bolzano - Italy

Fanni Fazekas at (in) Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art - MUSEION, Bolzano - Italy


Fanni Fazekas at (in) Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art - MUSEION, Bolzano - Italy


Sabato, 19 Gennaio, 2013 - 10:00

A cura di

Hannes Egger

Artisti partecipanti

Fanni Fazekas



Comunicato Stampa

Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art - Museion, Bolzano Italy

Fanni Fazekas
Titel: In the church
Year: 2012

in the MUSEION in Bozen, 18 - 27 January 2013.


You can actually take the artwork from the showcase for yourself and, once a commission has assessed what is being offered in exchange, replace it with a work of your own.


A project by Hannes Egger together with the Südtiroler Künstlerbund (SKB)

On the one hand Art Exchange provides a platform for presenting works of art, while on the other Art Exchange is a place where artists can exchange artworks. The project provides publicity while connecting artists and institutions.

Art Exchange consists of a showcase in which one work of art is exhibited. The case gives the technical data for the work displayed (artist, title, year, material and size). Artists who like the work on display can exchange it for their own work, which will then be presented. The interested artist contacts Hannes Egger or the Südtiroler Künstlerbund (SBK), who will co-ordinate the exchange of the artwork. The first work of art comes into the possession of the second artist, whose work will from this point on be exhibited in the showcase. This procedure can be repeated as often as desired. The project’s progress is documented on a website
(, which lists the artworks appearing in the case together with the length of time they spent in it.

When an artist expresses an interest in the work of a colleague, they should apply to the SKB with the work that they wish to make available in exchange. If the exchange is accepted, the artwork in the showcase is given to the artist, who now makes the work they have offered available for display in the showcase. Artists expressly agree that their work will now pass on to a colleague who will make contact in future and is interested in an exchange. No payment is involved in the exchanges. The market value of a work of art is irrelevant as regards Art Exchange: it is purely a question of the artwork and its exchange. The artist whose work has been exchanged will be notified as soon as a new work appears in the showcase. The exchange of artworks can occur as often as desired. Artists can also take part as frequently as they wish. Artists making an exchange must provide a photo and the relevant technical data.

The project starts on Friday, 14 December 2012 in the MUSEION in Bozen with an exchange party. The showcase will remain in the MUSEION until 27 January 2013. Art Exchange will then set off on its travels.

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