Double solo show. Michele Guidarini : Art is dead - Paola Verde: La Cité des enfants perdus.

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Cell63 artgallery is glad to host the Double Solo Show by the Italian artists
Michele Guidarini with his Art is Dead, and Paola Verde with her Citè des enfants perdus.

OPENING Thursday 26th April from 19h30
with improvisation dance performance by Fenia Kotsopoulou | Topi Barbara Berti
and body performance "The period" by Nike Brass Alghisio, Trace Litan, Otto Zazzero and Laura Energia.

Michele Guidarini : Art is dead
What Michele Guidarini has in his mind, as inspiring vision, are the frescos by Giotto and Michelangelo, which are the painters from his land which he knows better and loves most. Together with graphic design, commercials and memories. All this pops out in Michele’s head, in a constant shifting process. So his images, at birth, are already moving, and his sign moves over them. The images in the background are treated and conceived as a background, a scenery, and so strongly assaulted head-on. Screaming and consumed close-ups, grafitis that sign and recreate a new personal sacredness, desecrating the original iconified one. There’s no intention on reassuring the observer. Michele Guidarini doesn’t draw for who’s watching. The artwork is his and he feel free to kill it. This is Art Is Dead: crushing and nemesis.
Rebirth of an imperfect and consumed iconography. Artistic gesture creator of shapes desecrating an aritficial sacrality, bringing historical images into the state of being contemporary by virtue of his modern and aggresive sign, as a daily tattoo.

Paola Verde: La Cité des enfants perdus

Paola Verde was born in Milan, Italy, in the same year when punk was born and grew up among Joy division’s and Bauhaus’s vinyls records and Dave McKean’s comic books. Then industrial music was for her like the sound of a crashed window in the silence of an abandoned factory. The city-borders became the center of her personal research, from street art to dismessed industries, from underground culture to the metamorphose of metropolis. Crossing urban peripheries looking for details of the past, collecting pictures of marginal spaces, explorating the borders of post human passages and revisiting them in a surrealistic and romantic key: Paola Verde’s visions represent the place where urban decay and neverland are meeting. Her personal Citè des enfants perdus.

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Data Inaugurazione: 
Giovedì, 26 Aprile, 2012 - 19:30
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