Into the Darkness - Curated by Adriana Soldini

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Anonymous Art (Elena Bertoni, Simone Romano), Arts Factory (Francesca Del Moro,
Federica Gonnelli, Donatella Schilirò, Adriana M. SoldinI), Loredana Catania,
Roberto Messina, Shanti Ranchetti are invited to deal with Darkness and its
symbiotic relationship with Light. The exhibition is curated by Adriana Soldini.

Inside the mechanics of society, men are inclined to hide their negative and
condemnable sides in the attempt to be accepted and integrated. They spend a
lot of energy to smother and hide them, until the forced balance dramatically
breaks. French sociologist Michel Maffesoli describes it as a revival of the
dark face of our nature, that culture can only partially tame but that keeps on
enlivening all our affections.
The concept’s development is based on an extensive research which goes from
Plato’s "Allegory of the cave" to the concept of Shadow as formulated by Carl
Gustav Jung. From Good to Evil, the artists are supposed to explore the depths
of the human soul and of the structures of society. They are challenged to
catch the moment in which Darkness appears inside the human mind. For this
purpose they will use the lightness and the magic that Neo Pop only shares with
fairy tales.

Data Inaugurazione: 
Sabato, 14 Luglio, 2012 - 20:00
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