Wow ! Two italian guys from Barcelona are cataloguing italian Street Art and urban culture. We'll investigate about this project ... 
"A Catalogue of Street Art Techniques is a project curated by The G. Canyon in a Crack, born as a support of the 2011 edition of Public Design Festival, organized in Milan by Esterni.
A Catalogue of Street Art Techniques aims to spread the knowledge over certain kinds of urban art with which we face during our everyday experience in the urban context, as well as to push the citizens to assign the right value to well-crafted works, in order to promote the diffusion of valuable expressions of street art in the daily life of our cities.
In the attempt to involve citizens in the experience of an interactive, open air art museum, spread to the whole urban pattern of the city, A Catalogue of Street Art Techniques does not want to create anything new, but rather to give value to what is already present".

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